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The Hitting Rope


We believe that everyone should have the tools needed to develop the perfect swing. The B-RamSports Hitting Rope is one of the most versatile hitting tools for athletes of any age.

B-RamSports Hitting Rope was created by Mike Bramlett. His daughter, Chelsea Bramlett, was a 4-Time First Team All-American at Mississippi State University, former USA Softball Player, SEC Legend, and an inductee of the MSU Hall of Fame. She currently holds the highest career and single-season batting averages in SEC history. Chelsea now uses this product with her high school softball team.

“Growing up we were not always able to afford private lessons. Developing this hitting rope allowed me to get my reps in every day knowing that I was using the proper swing mechanics. Being able to easily set it up in the garage I was able to still get my reps in even when my dad was at work. I also carried this product to practice while I was away at college and during my time with the USA National Team. I stand behind this product wholeheartedly and now use it with my own team. The girls on my softball team love this product as well. They always make sure that it is with us at every game we go to. I believe this product is hands down the best hitting device any athlete can have.”   
                                                                          -Chelsea Bramlett

Career Batting Average at Mississippi State University .461
Highest in SEC History

 We are passionate about passing on the knowledge that we have from many years of experience. We know that most athletes travel all summer to different tournaments across the country. The B-RamSports Hitting Rope is lightweight and portable which allows you to carry it with you wherever you might be. Everyone should have access to a high quality, affordable hitting device that you can use with your athlete or team.

This product can  be used with right and left-handed hitters and slappers. The B-RamSports Hitting Rope gives you immediate feedback on your swing. The balls should travel down the rope with little rope movement. Simply attach each end of the rope to a chain link fence if working outdoors, or install log bolts inside your garage for indoor use. One end of the rope is fully adjustable to allow for use in a smaller space. You can also switch out the wiffle balls when they become worn.


*This product has been designed specifically for softball and baseball swing training only. This is not a toy or a weapon. Adult supervision may be required if used by children.




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