16' and 18' Limited Edition Red, Blue, and Green - B-RamSports

16' and 18' Limited Edition Red, Blue, and Green



1 B-RamSports Hitting Ropes
6 wiffle balls
Instructions for use

The B-RamSports Hitting Rope is one of the most versatile hitting tools out there. After years of testing with different ropes and cables, we have finally found one that holds up the best. The type of rope we use is only found in bulk from a high-quality online retailer. A fully adjustable 16 ft. rope allows you to set up indoors or out no matter how much room you have. Hook each end to a chain link fence, or set up eye-bolts in your garage or indoor facility for year-round practice. Six baseball size wiffle balls are included. We like using baseball size wiffle balls for both softball and baseball to work on hand-eye coordination.

The B-RamSports Hitting Rope gives you immediate feedback on your swing.

The balls should travel down the rope with little rope movement. For right and left-handed hitters and slappers. This product can be fully adjusted on one end of the rope to shorten the rope if needed. This adjustable side also allows you to replace the wiffle balls. This product comes with its own mesh zippered carrying case for easy transport!

This is a stand-alone product:
- CAN BE USED INDEPENDENTLY or with a player/coach/parent.

This hitting tool helps you identify and fix these habits:
- Pulling your front shoulder out too soon
- Dropping your hands
- Looping your bat
- Hand-eye coordination
- Casting your hands
- Level swing
- Dropping the barrel of the bat (poor wrist strength)
- When slapping, this hitting tool also helps you travel straight down the line towards the pitcher instead of pulling out towards first.
- Also helps develop muscle memory.

This hitting device can be used to practice:
1. Full Swings
2. Front Hand Drills
3. Back Hand Drills
4. Slapping
5. Inside and Outside Pitches
6. High, Middle, and Low Pitches
(depending on where you set the rope)

Once the rope has been adjusted, it takes less than a minute to set up!

You can use this product with your bat or a shortened broomstick to work on front and backhand drills.  Your parent, coach, or a teammate can also slide the balls down the rope to work on pitches at different speeds.

“Growing up we were not always able to afford private lessons. Developing this hitting rope allowed me to get my reps in every day knowing that I was using the proper swing mechanics. Being able to easily set it up in the garage I was able to still get my reps in even when my dad was at work. I also carried this product to practice while I was away at college and during my time with the USA National Team. I stand behind this product wholeheartedly and now use it with my own team. The girls on my softball team love this product as well. They always make sure that it is with us at every game we go to. I believe this product is hands down the best hitting device any athlete can have.”    
                                                                          -Chelsea Bramlett

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3!  

Step 1: Let out each turnbuckle halfway by unscrewing them.
Step 2: For outdoor use, attach each end to a chain link fence. For indoor use, you can install two lag screw eye bolts into the studs in your garage. Stretch the rope tight during this step. The rope length can be adjusted by loosening the u bolt to shorten if needed.
Step 3: Tighten the turnbuckles until the rope is tight and the balls slide down the rope freely.

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