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We believe that everyone should have the tools needed to
develop the perfect swing.

B-RamSports Hitting Rope was created by Mike Bramlett. His daughter, Chelsea Bramlett, is a 4-Time First Team All-American, former USA Softball Player, and SEC Legend. Growing up, Chelsea and several of her teammates used this hitting device every time they practiced. Chelsea now uses B-RamSports Hitting Rope with her high school softball team. We want everyone to have access to a high-quality hitting device that also helps you correct your swing. B-RamSports Hitting Rope is one of the most versatile hitting tools for athletes at any age. 

The Hitting Rope gives you immediate feedback on your swing. The balls should travel down the rope with little rope movement. Simply attach each end of the rope to some chain link fence if working outdoors, or install eye bolts inside your garage for indoor use. One end of the rope is fully adjustable to allow for use in a smaller space. You can also switch out the wiffle balls when they become worn. 

For right and left-handed hitters and slappers.
Once the rope has been adjusted, it takes less than a minute to set up!
This hitting device can be used to practice:
1. Full Swings
2. Front Hand Drills
3. Back Hand Drills
4. Slapping
5. Inside and Outside Pitches
6. High, Middle, and Low Pitches
(depending on where you set the rope)


You can use this product with your bat or a shortened broom stick to work on front and back hand drills.  Your parent, coach, or teammate can also slide the balls down the rope to work on pitches at different speeds.

Coaches and Parents: This product allows you to let your athlete practice independently. The balls will not travel down the rope quickly and smoothly unless their swing is correct. 



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