My daughter's love for softball began at the age of 3.  She's a right-handed thrower, and originally, she was a right-handed hitter as well.  Over the years, she struggled at the plate and dabbled in switch-hitting.  At 13 she was still not a consistent hitter, but she was fast.  We decided to meet with Coach Bramlett and get her opinion on moving her to the left side permanently at such a late age.  She told us that she didn't turn around to the left side until she was 12 and that it wasn't too late.  She also told us about the hitting rope and how it helped her, so we purchased one.  My daughter started hitting from the left side on the rope in the yard after school and improved dramatically over the next two seasons.  She finished her sophomore year with a .539 batting average!!  Our family is not only thankful for Coach Bramlett's advice, but we are firm believers in this product!
                                                                                           - Angela Gregg
"My daughter has played fastpitch softball since she was 9 and has always struggled with popping up. Numerous instructors and as many, or more, drills were ineffective in correcting it. Using the hitting rope helped her more than anything she has ever done. I watched her entire school team turn a season around and bring batting averages up across the board after being introduced to it. It was the smallest investment in her hitting that I have made but has had the biggest effect!" 
                                                                                                -Glenn Haley

“Growing up we were not always able to afford private lessons. Developing this hitting rope allowed me to get my reps in every day knowing that I was using the proper swing mechanics. Being able to easily set it up in the garage I was able to still get my reps in even when my dad was at work. I also carried this product to practice while I was away at college and during my time with the USA National Team. I stand behind this product whole heartedly and now use it with my own team. The girls on my softball team love this product as well. They always make sure that it is with us at every game we go to. I believe this product is hands down the best hitting device any athlete can have.”   
                                                                                                -Chelsea Bramlett

Career Batting Average at Mississippi State Universtiy: .461



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